Website IP Address Lookup is a tool that provides the IP address of a website as well as the IP-related data like connection information, geolocation information, etc. The data that is displayed is the information of the server where the website is hosted. The tool is easy to use, as well as efficient. Just type a domain in the field below.

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What Is The Difference Between Our IP Lookup Tool And Website IP Lookup Tool?

The difference is that our IP Address Lookup tool lets a user find IP-related data for any type of IP that the user wants information about. It is a search engine or a database where a user can make a query with an IP address to track its geolocation data. On the other hand, the Website IP Address Lookup tool takes in a domain name and gives out its IP address as well as its server’s geolocation data.

How To Find The Ip Address And The Location Of My Website’s Server?

Website IP Address Lookup tool is a secure way of determining your domain's geographical location as well as provide you with the IP Address. It will show you the IP address, along with the exact geographical location of the server of the website. This information, however, will not allow you to track the owner of the website. This is done to protect against the information being leaked and hackers misusing information.

What Are The Different Types Of Attacks On Web Servers?

Hackers target the gaps in the unsuspecting software, therefore it is recommended that you install an antivirus to prevent unauthorized access to a server. As a server requires hardware and software, a hacked system will leave your data exposed and unprotected. In addition to antivirus, a firewall is also recommended to ward off attacks. The attacks a hacker can impose can be of several types, a few being:

  • Denial of Service Requests Attacks

    : In these attacks, the hacker will make the webserver crash or become unresponsive.
  • Hijacking Domain Name System (DNS)

    : This is an attack to increase the traffic on their site, by redirecting traffic from your page to their page.
  • Website Defacement Attack

    : Hacker will change the website and replace the current pages with different ones. However, while doing this the hacker will portray ownership of that website, as they will include their name and images. They might also add defacing messages.

Why Should I Pay Attention To The IP Address Of a Website?

We tend not to pay enough attention to IP Addresses and mostly focus on our domain or URL. This may be because IP addresses change all the time, and sometimes a website may have multiple. A website can share an IP address with other websites that use the same server or it can have its unique one. The benefit of having a unique IP is that it enables your website to host a larger audience.

Multiple websites having one IP can crowd a server which creates trouble in loading. Ideally, your website should open for everyone. However, sometimes people may face trouble opening it. But it is due to IP addresses that you are directed to the right website. Website URLs must be mapped onto IPs. If that system is disrupted, your business will be at risk. Thus regular checks are important.

Why Do Some Websites Have Multiple IP Addresses?

Some websites may have multiple IP addresses associated with them. The main reason for this is because of load balancing. When a website has a lot of visitors coming from around the world, a single server with an IP address is unable to process such huge traffic and can have trouble loading or crash the server at some point. To avoid this issue, webmasters set up a copy of their website with multiple servers that have their unique IP addresses. This way incoming traffic is divided into each one of them and possibly avoid server overload.