Domain Name System (DNS) Lookup, also called Forward DNS Lookup, conducts a thorough search and lists all the DNS records for a specified domain or hostname. The search is performed against the domain's root server so the data provided by the lookup is instant and accurate. So if you have launched a new website or moved to a new hosting provider, you can use this tool to examine if your domain has propagated correctly as the first couple of days are crucial for DNS propagation.

The records this lookup tool provides are A (IPv4 Host Address), AAAA (IPv6 Host Address), CNAME (Canonical Name), MX (Mail Exchanger), NS (Name Server), PTR (Pointer), SRV (Service), SOA (Start Of Authority), NAPTR (Name Authority Pointer) and TXT (Text). Just type a domain name below and perform a DNS Lookup.

Willing to make a Reverse DNS Lookup that fetches all the hostnames associated with an IP address? Check our Reverse DNS Lookup tool.